Cambodian Traditional Dances - Attraction

Experience an enchanting night with unique local cuisine and a charming show of exotic Khmer cultural dancing. As you dine on a delicious Cambodian buffet dinner, be captivated by an Apsara dance performance.

Arrive at the Koulen theater-restaurant and enjoy a feast of local delicacies, such as the classic amok Cambodian curry and Khmer barbecue meats, served in a beautiful and traditional setting. The sample buffet menu includes chicken curry soup, mango salad with pork, fried pork, lamb, beef, and fish amok, as well as an assortment of Khmer desserts.

As you relish your satisfying meal, sit back and watch the cultural Apsara dance showcasing Cambodia's unique Khmer heritage. The show is filled with ornate costumes, traditional music, and religious folklore. Be dazzled by symbolic ceremonial dances, such as the "Ballet of Apsaras" and "Dance of Mekhala," and marvel at the mythological tale of the Hindu epic "Ramayana."

Please let us know if you are interested in Cambodian Traditional Shows and Cambodian Buffet, then we can book the front seats for you. The ticket is 12 USD person, but not include soft drinks.

 1. Peacock Of Pailin: Pailin province is known for its precious stones, and more locally it's known for its peacocks. It is the only place in Cambodia where peacocks live. The Peacock of Pailin Dance is a courting scene between a peacock and a peahen and it is said that this dance brings happiness and prosperity to the villagers.The Peacock of Pailin Dance, like all traditional Khmer performances, is a very colorful dance. The performers dress in traditional costumes that have been designed to look like both the peacock and peahen..

In Cambodia, the peacock is a symbol of happiness and this dance is usually performed during the Khmer New Year or on special occasions. This dance is often performed by the people of Pailin during Cambodian holidays and you can now see it live in Siem Reap!

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