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Koh Tunsay (Kep)

Located off the southern coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, this former rehabilitation centre for convicted criminals is now one of the most accessible island escapes in Cambodia. With a complete lack of motor vehicles, electric mains, and zero Wi-Fi access, Koh Tunsay is not built for lovers of luxury, but for those who appreciate nature, beauty, and a banging sunset.

Population: Just 25 families – as few as 100 residents!

Vibe: Koh Tunsay epitomises relaxation. It is tranquil and peaceful and has the power to wash away all your worries. A true paradise escape, with everything you need to forget about the world within arm’s length.

Known for: Being ‘Rabbit Island.’ Rabbit Island is the literal Khmer/Cambodian translation of ‘Koh Tunsay’ because the locals believe it resembles a rabbit – visitors may have a hard time seeing the resemblance!

How to get here: You can organise a transfer from Kampot for a day trip, or there is basic accommodation if you would like to stay overnight.

Must Do: Walk along the shoreline and soak in the laid-back vibes.

Koh Rong (Sihanouk Ville)

Located about 25km (16mi) off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Koh Rong is famous for its serene beauty. Often described as an ‘island paradise’ by visiting tourists, the island boasts pristine white sandy beaches, warm crystal-clear ocean waters, and a hot tropical climate. Here’s all the latest information on Koh Rong’s beaches, tourism, history, geography, villages, and celebrity status.

Tourism on Koh Rong

There are many spectacular tourist locations on Koh Rong. The main tourist beach (Koh Touch) creates a vibrant party atmosphere, with lots of hotels, bars, and night clubs. The quiet, less-busier beaches (e.g. Long Set Beach, Lonely Beach, and Palm Beach) are more relaxing destinations. Over the past year there have been some major changes in how to get to Koh Rong and its sister island Koh Rong Samloem – From much faster ferry services from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong, to more convenient flights into Sihanoukville, to the first cross-country train, it has never been easier to get to the beautiful islands.

Most people visit Koh Rong between the middle of November and the start of May, as during these months there are beautiful hot days (25°C – 40°C) with very little cloud and low humidity.

There are four village communities on the island: Koh Touch (south-east), Prek Svay (north-east), Daem Thkov (Sangkat village) (east), and Sok San (west). Most locals live from fishing (70%) and small scale crop cultivation (30%). As of 2019, tourist businesses outnumber residential homes on Koh Touch.

Koh Rong’s neighbouring islands include Koh Tuich in the south-east, the twin islands of Koh Bong-Po’own (Koh Song-Saa) in the north-east, and Koh Koun and Koh Rong Samloem in the south. These five islands make up the Sangkat Koh Rong (or Commune 5 of Mittakpheap District).

What you can do here!

Chill out!

Both islands are the perfect opportunity for road weary travellers to put the phone away, switch off from the world, and just chill out! You can sunbathe, read a book in a hammock, or just majestically float around in the beautiful sea.

Hike around the island

For the more active traveller, you can hike around the whole island in about three hours, taking in the peacefulness and the impeccable views of crystal-clear water and white sand beaches everywhere you go. Take some sunscreen and bug spray and explore island’s hidden beaches, mangrove forests, waterfall and fishing villages.

Go Fishing or Snorkelling

It is a fishing village island after all! You can ask around on the island to arrange a fishing trip, or even make arrangements with the boatmen who brings you to the island from the mainland. Snorkelling equipment is available for hire on the island and on the western side there are some great snorkelling spots.

Light a Bonfire

When the electricity goes off at 10pm and the shacks close shop, it’s the perfect time to light a bonfire on the beach. If it gets a bit hot and you decide to take a dip watch for the sparkling phosphorescence around you. It's like swimming in stars!


Not the same as the river tubing in Vang Vieng or Don Det. However, you can have just as much fun simply floating around in the sea. Tubes are very cheap to rent.


There are several massage shacks set up along the beach with a wide variety of styles available, all at low costs - the perfect way to relax and unwind!

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